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Pangong Tso / Lake – situated at a height of about 4,350 m (14,270 ft). It is 134 km (83 mi) long and extends from India to China. Approximately 60% in China & 40% in India.


Pangong Tso is in disputed territory. The Line of Actual Control passes through the lake. A section of the lake approximately 20 km east from the Line of Actual Control is controlled by China but claimed by India.


Pangong lake is the world’s highest salt water lake.


Shooting Point at Pangong Lake. In between Village Lukung & Village Spangmik.


Spangmik – Located on the bank of Pangong Lake.


snow capped mountains on other side of Lake.


During winter the lake freezes completely


Road along the Pangong Lake , from Lukung to Spangmik .


Indian Flag at Pangong Lake.


One of my favorite mountain in background . had so many photos of that particulate mountain.


Swiss Tents at Spangmik, Pangong Tso.


Camping @ Spangmik.


Shades of Blue.



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